12 June 2014


It's been way too long since I touched this blog so thought I'd jump on quickly to share some stuff.  I'm currently working on a few different things, mostly comic related, which I'll hopefully be able to share more of in the near-ish future.  Til then, here's a sample of a new collection of work I'm putting together for the next issue of the Home Brew Vampire Bullets anthology.

27 February 2014


04 February 2014

Ascend (Meninadanca Charity Print)

"Ascend" is a special print I produced for Meninadanca.  They're an orgnisation in Brazil who are doing amazing and important work with at-risk girls in Brazilian communities.  All profits from the sales of these prints is bring donated to help them with their cause.  Prints can be purchased HERE and HERE.


11 December 2013

HBVB Anthology and more

The first issue of the Home Brew Vampire Bullets anthology comic is now available via print-on-demand and digital download.  All the links and other info can be found HERE!

2014 is going to be very comic-cetric for me, something I'm incredibly excited about.  On top of more short stories for HBVB and Velocity I'll also be (finally) returning to (and wrapping up) the Secret History Of..... webcomic (which will then go to print) as well as a new Leroy one-shot comic and an unrelated mini-series built up around an story I've been working out for awhile now.


21 November 2013


I recently wrapped up a new short comic story which will be released later this month in the Home Brewed Vampire Bullets Anthology.  I'll share a link when it's up (initially in digital format, with the print version following it a bit later).  I've got a few pieces in some upcoming group show as well, more info on those soon.



24 October 2013